DoE Road Safety Advertisement (cell phone)

STICKY POST FOR NOW……WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: I have included the following horrific link. I have done so because of the continued apathy towards accepting the nature and extent of the problem of crashes. This is a real situation with real victims going about their ordinary lives, now transformed for ever.     



The Western Cape Traffic Department has released CCTV footage of road accidents in the province, in an attempt to increase vigilance among motorists and pedestrians. While the overall death toll has decreased from 1,567 in 2009 to 1,321 in 2011, pedestrian deaths remain high. The Transport Department says the N2 highway is one of the country’s most dangerous roads. 







1st December 2014  Video footage filmed in Cape Town shows a driver of a BMW convertible flying out of the car during a crash on the N2 highway. Warning: This video contains graphic images. Click image clip to view.

The footage, uploaded onto YouTube by Alex Williamson, shows the BMW appear from the extreme left lane, clipping the front of a silver Kia Picanto as it makes its way across the highway, close to the Langa off-ramp,




Pinetown lorry crash 2013

ZA crash at

Kenya: Eight sand harvesters perish following a road accident along the Mai Mahiu-Narok road

October 15th, 2014Click image to view:Sand Harvester









Crash at gas station in Zimbabwe


Coca Cola Lorry running a red light and causing crash in ZA.       

Coca Cola




Fatal Bike crash UK (head cam)

Bike death

Speeding Traffic Policeman lies on camera.

Police rebuked




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